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The reasons for the thinness of the face and an effective recipe for fattening the face


 Causes and treatment of the thinnest face in a week

Excessive thinness of the face is a problem that many people feel, and there are several reasons that can lie behind this condition, in most cases it can be a health problem or the aging process, which leads to emptying the cheeks and makes the face very thin and may change the features of the face as well. We will learn the causes and treatment of a thin face.

The reasons for the thinness of the face and an effective recipe for fattening the face

The main causes of thinness in the face

Any drastic changes in appearance should be alert immediately if a person loses a lot of weight, there may be various reasons for this, including:

internal reasons

  •  First of all, it is necessary to exclude possible health problems, for this, you need to visit a doctor, take blood biochemical tests and check the hormonal background.
  •  Often, with a sudden weight loss on the face, the cause is precisely hormonal changes in the woman’s body, which not only harm the appearance, but also harm health and jumps in hormones can cause temporary swelling, and after its disposal, it seems that the face Significantly loses weight.
  •  The same thing happens after you stop taking certain hormonal medications, and in this case, the so-called false weight loss occurs.
  •  Rapid weight loss is caused by cancer, tuberculosis, metabolic disorders, diabetes, anorexia, bulimia, and other eating disorders.
  • The reason for the change in volumes can also be an unbalanced diet. There may be enough calories in the body, but a lack of moisture or fat can cause changes in the skin, tissues become drier and sluggish, facial lines appear visually reduced and the face appears thin.
  • Dental problems provoke missing teeth, a deficiency in the cheeks, which makes the face thin and sunken, and this defect can be easily corrected by visiting the dentist this must be done when the defect occurs, otherwise deep folds may form on the cheeks and around the mouth, and the cheeks may sink, which It distorts the oval shape of the face.
  • Intense sports If you do exercises constantly, then all the extra calories are spent on building muscles and with very heavy loads, subcutaneous fat is actively consumed, and the face looks slender.
  • Abuse of massage and exercises for the face, and it is recommended to do a massage in sessions with experienced specialists who will not tighten the skin and will not cause a change in facial features.
  • Cosmetic procedures and surgeries After these interventions, the face may appear thinner and it is often the excess volume on the cheeks and second chin that imposes surgery or liposuction, in this case, a thin face is the goal of the procedure.

External causes

Diseases that cause weight loss

We will review the diseases that cause the thinnest face, according to the zabolevaniya website, which are:

  • Gastrointestinal diseases such as pancreatitis, colitis, and gastroenteritis.
  • Psychological diseases such as depression and anorexia nervosa.
  • Immunodeficiency diseases.
  • cancer.

 Facial thinning treatment

There are very simple tricks that can help in facing this disease. Although often the problem cannot be completely solved, exercises that must be done daily or practices that must be implemented for hygiene and a healthy lifestyle can be really crucial, including:

  • Daily cleansing - cleaning the face, which must be done every day, is one of the most beneficial habits to try to keep the skin of the face smooth and flawless. Thanks to this practice, which is carried out with the use of delicate products, the dirt that accumulates in the pores of the skin will be removed and it is important Clean the face in the morning and evening.
  • Hydration - Drinking an adequate amount of water is essential for the well-being of the body and the facial skin will also benefit from proper hydration because the elasticity of the skin will improve through the water. It is important to drink 6 to 8 glasses of water every day.
  • Natural Masks - Masks made from natural ingredients can also help in providing more nourishment to the facial skin and we can make use of the beneficial properties of natural yogurt, olive oil, and water-containing fruits.
  • Healthy eating - a balanced diet allows you to reduce the risks of premature aging and we give space in our diet to vitamins and minerals found in fruits and vegetables, to give elasticity to the skin.
  • Exercises - These are simple facial exercises that are performed daily without any effort for example you can perform a useful exercise to prevent your cheeks from appearing sunken such as inhaling as much air as possible and keeping it in your mouth, which causes your cheeks to inflate and try to hold this position for 15 seconds. Then exhale and breathe normally, then repeat the exercise 4 more times. Another exercise to make your face fat is similar to the previous one: inhale, puff, and then contract your cheeks 10 times. Then exhale and do it three times.

Fattening the skinny face in natural ways

Fenugreek Drink Boil a tablespoon of fenugreek and add 3 tablespoons of black honey to it with a quarter of a tablespoon of butter or municipal ghee, and drink it from two to three times a day after meals. This recipe is not to be used for diabetics.

The second recipe: Add sesame seeds with dates, raisins, molasses, and nuts you prefer and mix them in the food processor and eat a tablespoon of it after meals for a week you will notice the difference and diabetics should stay away from this recipe.

The third recipe: Put a tablespoon of beer yeast on warm milk, leave it for three minutes, cover and drink it after meals.

The fourth recipe Grease your face with fenugreek oil.

The best way to avoid a thin face

  • To avoid a thin face is to carefully monitor your health, constantly take care of yourself and not go to extremes in diet and sports.
  • How do you maintain your face when losing weight?
  • Before taking any action, you need to find out why the changes in appearance occurred. First of all, diseases make you take decisive steps - at the slightest sign of a problem, you need to see a doctor. In this case, the correct treatment can save health and beauty.
  • Regular weight loss can only positively affect the appearance, health, and self-esteem of a woman. With a well-chosen diet, a thin face becomes young and fresh. In order not to cause negative consequences, nutritionists recommend losing no more than 4 kg per month. If the face has already become very thin, you will have to choose - beauty or excessive harmony Sometimes returning 1-2 kg does not affect the figure in any way, but they restore the lost skin freshness and a pleasant oval of the face. The older you get, the more careful you need to follow a diet.
  • Running, Pilates and yoga is enough to keep you in great shape and maintain an excellent face shape.

Why does the face lose weight after intense massage and plastic surgery?

 The increased effect leads to the burning of adipose tissue, which in turn leads to the friction of the skin with the bones of the skull. Moderate exposure is beneficial for beauty, but some types of massage and exercises are recommended in strict doses.


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